About Focusing For All

‘Focusing For All’ is the theme I have chosen for my work, 
sharing Focusing skills and qualities which can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.  I offer talks and workshops for groups, individual Focusing Client Sessions and Focusing Courses.  My heartfelt wish is to share Focusing and empower others to also receive many benefits to health and wellbeing from having Focusing in their lives.

The all embracing intention of Focusing For All is to share the skills, awareness and  transformative process of Focusing, for:

·         All of us - children, teens, adults

·         All our experiences - challenges and pleasures

·         All life situations and issues

·         All times of day - 24/7

·         All our wanting and not wanting

          All our creativity and life wanting to live forward...

If the Doing/Fixing way hasn’t worked for you in the past, you may be willing to explore the Being/Allowing way to invite change into your life...


There is something about you, or your circumstances, or your feelings and reactions to things, that you would like to change.  That is very natural.  But let us now contrast two ways of approaching this wish to change.  One way assumes that to have something change, you must make it change.  You must do something to it.  We can call this the Doing/Fixing way.  The other way which we can call the Being/Allowing way, assumes that change and flow is the natural course of things, and when something seems not to change, what it needs is attention and awareness, with an attitude of allowing it to be as it is, yet open to its next steps...the Being/Allowing philosophy, embodied in Focusing, is a radical philosophy. 

Ann Weiser Cornell, The Radical Acceptance of Everything, p15-16.


Pamela Carr CertEd DipDiet MNFSH

Focusing Teacher and Practitioner

Focusing For All