About Me

A holistic approach to healing, self-help for health, life-long learning - these are the approaches which underpin my sharing of Focusing - because they have worked and are still working for me.

My story so far

Hello, I’m Pamela Carr and this is some of my story so far...

I live in the UK and for more than 25 years I worked as an NHS Health Professional.  During this time I had a growing desire to be of even more help to the clients I saw. There was also an ongoing commitment to explore new ways to improve health and support healing for myself and my family.  So I received, studied and practised many aspects of complementary medicine and self-help, embracing, enjoying and sharing their benefits.  My love of learning and wish to share with others led me to gain a Cert Ed and to teach Adult Education Classes.  Over time these have included Relaxation for Living, Natural Nutrition, Mindfulness and Tibetan Yoga.

Meeting Focusing

I was on a Yoga retreat in California when I was introduced to Focusing.  Although I already had lots of useful skills and understandings, this unique process strongly resonated with me and immediately began to bring benefits.  I realised it was the first time I felt safe enough to really pause and ‘feel,’ and to experience with both my body and mind, rather than simply giving myself instructions.  I remember feeling more grounded, supported, spacious and alive and realising that the inner knowing that also came felt real and true.  No wonder I was drawn to explore, learn and share Focusing.

What I love and appreciate about Focusing

I love the way that Focusing has elements of relaxation, mindfulness, self-development, meditation and healing and I experience it as a gentle self-healing practice which seems to work for me on many levels.  Instead of experiencing periods of overwhelm and low mood I now feel confident and positive about using Focusing attitudes, language and skills to relate with and transform challenges as they arise in all areas of my life.  Focusing seems to add to, complement, support and enhance whatever other things I do.  And it continues to help me develop a more friendly and healthy relationship with myself and others.  I am enjoying sharing Focusing and hearing from my clients and students how focusing is bringing more ease and understanding and change into their lives too.

I’m so appreciating having had the opportunity to study intensively with Ann Weiser Cornell and Focusing Resources. After the Focusing Skills Training, I went on to complete the Advanced Focusing Professional Training in Inner Relationship Focusing with Ann and Barbara McGavin.  I've also received trainings from Gene Gendlin, Lucinda Hayden, Helene Brenner and Jan Hodgman.

My sharing of Focusing

I am a graduate of Inner Relationship Focusing and a Focusing Practitioner and Teacher, certified with both the British Focusing Association and the Focusing Institute.

My own sharing of Focusing with clients and students is through Focusing For All, inspired and supported by the experience of my own healing journey and especially my belief in:

  • A Holistic Approach To Healing – different methods, therapies, skills and techniques, each playing a part in different ways at different times.
  • Self-help for Health – empowering us to support our own health and wellbeing 24/7 in addition to those times when we need/choose to have a treatment or a session with a health professional.
  • Life-long Learning – ongoing exploring and experiencing brings more understanding, discovery and healing.

You are warmly invited to share – I look forward to walking alongside you for a while...

Pamela Carr CertEd DipDiet MNFSH

Focusing Teacher and Practitioner


Email: focusingforall@aol.com