THE FOCUSING INSTITUTE:  Carrying Life and Thought Forward.  Organisation and website set up by Eugene Gendlin, the founding father of Focusing.  Administers the training and certification of Focusing Professionals around the world.

PO Box 539, Spring Valley, New York 10977, USA.  Tel: +1(845) 362 5222

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Offers an online store with excellent resources and a free library of articles including many by Eugene Gendlin.  Membership enables links with the worldwide Focusing Community. Article introducing Focusing Article about Gene Gendlin


FOCUSING RESOURCES:  Processes for Deep Emotional Healing and Life Change.  This is Ann Weiser Cornell’s Focusing organisation.  Ann trained with Gene Gendlin over 40 years ago and is an experienced and highly respected teacher and trainer, author and international speaker.  She offers professional training internationally to individuals and therapists.  Ann has co-created Inner Relationship Focusing and Treasure Maps with Barbara McGavin. 

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 315-A, Berkley, California 94705, USA

Tel:  +1(510)225 0690


Excellent website with online store and many free Focusing resources including articles, audio-visual recordings, and a weekly blog.  This is a great place to read more about Focusing. There is a Forum to help you find focusing practise partners.