Focusing Sessions


Do you sometimes feel reactive and stirred up by emotions?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with too many demands?

Are you facing a health challenge for yourself or someone close to you,

Or wanting to be more creative and follow your inner journey?


No matter what is going on in your life right now – Focusing has helped people who are a lot like you – to untangle emotions, make choices, cope with health issues and grow inwardly, and more...


Focusing will enable you to find and change where your life is stuck, cramped, hemmed in, slowed down. And it will enable you to change – to live from a deeper place than just your

thoughts and feelings.  Eugene Gendlin


Focusing is similar to but different from both counselling and mindfulness.  Real change and healing can happen when we pause, connect with the body as well as mind, and then bring awareness and a curios, kindly way of relating to the whole of any issue. In the past I found myself often looking to others for advice and then I met Focusing and discovered that it helped me to contact my own inner knowing.   


A guided session will help you to explore your own Focusing process.  By bringing a kindly way of relating to your inner world you can begin to understand yourself better and feel better.  You can allow space for shifts to happen, something new to come and positive life changes to emerge.


Having a one-to-one Focusing session with me is a great way to find out about Focusing by experiencing this gentle process first-hand.  It’s an opportunity for you to spend time with a theme or issue, maybe something that’s challenging, confusing or even painful in your life right now.  You don’t need to know anything, just to bring a willingness to explore and be supported in doing that by the Focusing Process and by me gently keeping you company.


Focusing Client Sessions are:

·         One-to-one sessions

·         In person, by phone or via Skype

·         60 minutes

·         Flexible appointments



Pamela Carr CertEd DipDiet MNFSH

Focusing Teacher and Practitioner



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