Talks and Workshops


Is your group or organisation looking for an interesting speaker? 

Do you enjoy offering an opportunity for people to link with some aspect of lifelong learning or self-help for health - to experience some new skills and to gain fresh understandings?

Would you like to explore a new topic, one which is relevant to people’s lives and the challenges and joys they encounter day by day?

Focusing is a unique, natural and gentle process of body-mindful awareness.   Some simple to learn self-help Focusing skills can bring immediate benefits and support to health and wellbeing.  Focusing For All offers a variety of ways to experience these benefits and is offering talks and workshops which can be tailor-made to meet your needs.

I’m happy to chat with you about your interests and needs and to find the right topic for a talk or workshop for your group or organisation.  These are some of the titles I am offering:

·         Getting Bigger Than What’s Bugging You

·         Simple Skills for Better Relationships

·         Focusing To Ease Discomfort and Pain

·         Focusing and Mindfulness

·         The Practise of Pausing And Sensing

·         An Experiential Introduction to Focusing


Pamela Carr CertED DipDiet MNFSH

Focusing Teacher and Practitioner



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