I really enjoyed the sessions. Focusing helped me to stay in my body and remain watchful, instead of buying into the feelings that were passing through me. I also felt very understood and supported - in the most gentle way I've ever experienced. My whole life feels lighter and more peaceful since my sessions.  I love it and would love some more.  Many thanks. 

René [Cape Town, South Africa]


Excellent........I found it all very helpful...I felt more relaxed and calmer... It was very therapeutic to be able to talk about personal problems without fear of being ‘judged.’  It was great to have the opportunity to talk and feel really listened to – very liberating. 

ML [Cheshire, UK]


It was very helpful.  I’ve found that focusing helps me get more into the body, and that it helps me get more of a sense of what is going on with me that I don’t otherwise see... It was very good. I got to touch into a sense of joy... 



I liked the acceptance of all that was going on physically and verbally and how good it is to work with that…I received very skillful and sensitive attention from Pamela. I felt she was finding appropriate ways of responding to me, which were very helpful… After the session I was able to make an important decision, which I had struggled to make for several weeks!

DJ [Cheshire, UK]




The level one course Focusing with Pamela was excellent. I enjoyed her calm, focused and thoughtful manner. She introduced us to focusing itself and taught us how to focus with someone else and with ourselves. She guided the interaction between the participants. During class time she made sure that everyone got to speak up equally. It was very balanced. She put in a lot of effort to ensure optimal learning. She sent us many and very helpful work sheets both before and after classes.


Through her introduction and exercises I realized how encompassing Focusing is. It is much more than one tool to reduce stress. It teaches mindfulness and how to stand up for yourself. What a revelation. I was also surprised to learn in class how strongly the language effects how I deal with my emotions. Applying Pamela’s well-crafted exercises felt very freeing. The course has had a lasting impact on my day-to-day happiness level.


Prior to the course I had also had personal Focusing sessions with Pamela. Thus I already knew how safe I feel with her. Each session I was able to fully open up and allow whatever was needed due to her non-intrusive, calm, loving and focused manner. She listened very well and helped me to trust what comes up and especially important to me to trust that it will be there as long is I need it to be. She took her time answering my questions and guided me in overcoming my worries. 


My experience with Pamela, both in personal sessions and in her course, was highly positive and I can fully recommend working with her. She listens well, explains well and teaches well. I learned so much and will certainly participate in her courses and personal sessions again. Thank you so much for your wonderful support, Pamela!

Katrin [Germany]


This was a well organised course, delivered very professionally but also in a warm, friendly, informal way. You seemed extremely knowledgeable and well prepared and able to deal with anything that came up.  I found the whole thing very welcoming – challenging too, but a wonderful experience which I’m now missing!


Everything was clear and there was a very nice pace – delivered in a warm, friendly and reassuring way. Also there was always the chance to ask or interrupt with questions or comments.  The exercises seemed well thought out and useful in building for the practice sessions. The practice sessions during the class were also very useful.


I felt well received by you as I tried to explore myself and experiment with trying to do this (Focusing). I felt able to trust you and able to open up and explore things in a safe, warm, and confidential manner. It’s challenging and a bit nerve-wracking doing something new but I always felt you were sure of what was happening and there to provide support which was invaluable. Thanks so much! 

Ryan [South Korea]




I have Focused with a lot of people and you have one of the most gentle-est, sensitively-paced, sensitively-spaced processes I have come across.  Your modeling of Focusing is ideal...I say this because I just want you to know that this is my experience - but also what comes to me is that your modeling of a Focusing session would leave quite an impression for those who want to know Focusing.     AF [USA]



To contact Pamela about Focusing client sessions or courses, email to focusingforall@aol.com